Technology & Applied Studies (TAS)


Textiles Excursion

Moruya High School Textiles Excursion

On Thursday the 6th March six Narooma High School students joined seventeen Moruya High School students to attend the Textiles Expo in Rosehill. With an early pickup of 5:30am from Moruya and a return to Batemans Bay at 9:30, it was a long and busy day.

Overall, it was a fun experience that everyone enjoyed. We all had an exciting time looking at the projects of 2013 HSC students and Moruya Highs own Hannah Berry and some students were able to get some great ideas to inspire their future projects.


Moruya High School textiles students travelled by bus to Sydney for the day on the 4th December 2013. Whilst in Sydney, the students went to two great fabric shops which contained a huge and diverse range of materials that the students were able to purchase for in-class projects. After this, the students, accompanied by Mrs Constable and Mrs Lindsay, visited the Jewish Museum where an inspiring fashion show was being held. The day was a lot of fun, and the students would like to give a huge thank you to Mrs Constable for organising the event.

Textiles Excursion to Sydney

Year 12, 11 and 10 Textiles students got off to a very sleepy morning on Friday 8th March. Thirty students from Moruya High and Narooma High Schools travelled by bus to Sydney along with Mrs Constable and Mrs Timms from Narooma High School.

When they arrived in Sydney they went to the Rose Hill Centre to see some of the best Yr 12 major Textiles works from last year, and gather inspiration for further projects. They then journeyed to Paddy’s Market, had lunch, and searched the shops.

After this, they went to the Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria, which held all their sewing needs. After stopping off at Spotlight, a bead shop and an old lace shop, they drove home. A big thank you must go to Mrs Constable and Mrs Timms for organising the excursion.