The school has been advised of the following information from Marshall's in relation to the school bus service.

'As from the commencement of Term 3 Monday 12 July 2021 we will no longer be allowing surfboards, bicycles or other large and bulky items to be transported to school on the bus.

Per the legal requirements of the Passenger Transport Regulation 2007 Bus Drivers are not permitted to leave the driving seat of the bus whilst carrying children to and from school unless in case of emergency. Therefore, drivers are unable to assist students in loading and unloading bulky items. As a result. repeated safety concerns have been raised as result of students loading and unloading their own items; including the items not being secured correctly, the bus doors not being secured correctly and risk of injury to the students due to the door opening or the process of the loading or unloading.

Please note charter drivers are not subject to the same legal requirements and as such are able to assist with the loading of appropriate bulky items such as bags and supplies if a bus is chartered for an excursion.'

If your require further information please contact Marshall's Buses on 4474 4991.