We’d like to thank all the parents and students for their effort to work with us during this difficult time. All students should have some work to do for every subject in Google Classroom. Staff will continue to update the classrooms with work and will communicate with students via this platform.

Please ask your students to remain in contact with their teachers using Google Classroom to reply to teacher messages, post questions, and upload their work. It is also suggested that students try to stick to either their normal timetable or a generic daily timetable ( https://education.nsw.gov.au/teaching-and-learning/learning-from-home/learning-at-home/advice-to-parents-and-carers/sample-timetables.html ) - make sure your timetable includes wellbeing and physical activity breaks.

Most parents should have been invited to google classroom allowing parents to get a summary of their students’ work emailed to them daily or weekly. We recommend you get your students to show you’re their google classroom and look at the stream or the classwork tab at the page. You will need to do this for each subject.

Students can access Google Classroom from their student portal ( https://portal.det.nsw.edu.au/ ) or going directly to ( https://classroom.google.com/ ). Either way, they will log in with their student email address (eg shannon.smith5@education.nsw.gov.au ) and their departmental password. If your student is having trouble there are more detailed instructions at https://sites.google.com/education.nsw.gov.au/mpps-parent-help/google-classroom/login-to-google-classroom or if they have lost their password please contact the school to have it reset.

Thanks again for everyone’s understanding during this difficult time and don’t hesitate to contact the school as usual via phone on 02 4474 2155 or email at moruya-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au .