This year, Moruya High School is excited to introduce its new, jazzed up furniture which sits nicely in the A block and D block classrooms. This new addition aims to replace the dreadful discomfort within the classroom, with a serene, peaceful environment welcoming all students to improve their learning and wellbeing. The science room consists of tall, whiteboard tables that you can draw on with whiteboard markers. In the English and History classrooms Moruya High School has added large, inviting couches that are enjoyable for not only the student but also the teachers. Mr Northey describes the arrangement “having half circle couches and large desks, it seems like a coffee table for learning”. " They create a learning amphitheatre", he continues. Not only is this a way to improve the school, but it is also an exciting new change for the students and staff, which Moruya High School hopes everyone can respect and enjoy!