Years 11 and 12 will follow their normal timetable on the days they attend.
Years 7-10 will be rostered on to core subjects the days they attend with period 6 available to complete unfinished tasks.
Days with remote learning will continue as before.
Students will attend the following days: Year 7 and 12 – Monday, Year 8 and 12 – Tuesday, Year 9 – Wednesday, Year 10 and 12 – Thursday and Year 11 - Friday.
Expectations to ensure health and safety of all students and staff
Safety is a priority during the COVID 19 pandemic. Students will be expected to behave in a responsible way, which recognises the importance of protecting the health of themselves, their peers, and staff, who are at higher risk of COVID 19. A few teachers will be working from home due to higher levels of vulnerability to COVID 19.
Students will be expected to:
● Stay home when unwell. Parents must not send students to school if they are feeling unwell. If a student is unwell during the school day, they will not be able to remain in the clinic. Parents will be expected to collect unwell students from school.
● (It would be appreciated if as an additional precaution, students’ temperatures are checked before leaving for school).
● Assist in keeping classroom desks and school equipment clean as directed by the teacher.
● Engage in regular hand-washing, especially before eating and during breaks.
● Not share drinks or food – bring a water bottle.
● Remain 1.5 m apart from other students wherever possible – this can be maintained in the classroom for students in Years 7 – 11 with dividing classes in attendance each day. All efforts to maximise distancing will occur for Year 12.
● Bring all their own equipment including pens, calculators, glue and anything else needed.
● Cough or sneeze into their elbows if necessary to avoid spreading infection. Avoid touching face.
● Use soap, sanitisers and other health items in a responsible manner – ideal to bring own sanitiser.
● Come directly to school each morning, and after school go directly home – no going via the local shops.

If we all adhere to these guidelines we can be confident in this phased return to school. In addition, we have hand sanitisers in each classroom. Furthermore, additional cleaning is being undertaken with special attention to cleaning of desks, doorknobs, bathrooms and other surfaces.

Students who do not adhere to these health and safety requirements will be reminded of our expectations and the school discipline procedures will be implemented.

School buses will be running at normal times before and after school.
Parents are encouraged to either pick up their child (please do not enter the school grounds) or assist them to work out public transport. Students should NOT loiter in the local area but go directly home.

Students are expected to wear their full school uniform on the days they attend. In the colder weather make sure you purchase items to keep you warm that are part of the uniform (e.g. long school pants and MHS hoodies).

The canteen will operate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Recess and Lunch with limited menu options.

Frequently asked questions
Do I have to send my child back to school or do I have the option to continue remote Home Learning?
The government and Department of Education are encouraging students to return according to each school’s Phase 1 Plan. We believe it is in the interests of students’ learning and wellbeing. However it is not compulsory. Please notify the school clearly stating your child’s name and year group if you intend them not to return.

Can I change my child’s day of attending school?
Generally NO, to enable us to manage a complex and challenging variation of routine. We have only approved a couple of requests based on very particular circumstances such as accessing learning support.

Can you clarify how students learning will proceed?
In Phase 1 all classes are still set up on online learning platforms. Whether at school or at home, students in Years 7 to 11 will be engaging in the online work in class time. On their designated day, students can seek clarification and assistance in class time directly from the teacher. For year 12 students there will be more direct and explicit teaching in the lesson, but work will still available online for students unable to attend.

I have been sending my child to school full time as an essential worker. Can I continue to do this?
Yes – this has always been an option. However if this pushes a 7 - 11 class over 10 students then they will be supervised in a different location.

What about camps, excursions, assemblies and band rehearsals?
At this stage everything additional to classroom teaching and learning is on hold.

One last comment
We are greatly looking forward to seeing our students attend school – we have missed you.

Best wishes
Richard Schell