The smiles on the faces of the Beer family made the recent trips from Moruya High School to Rosedale South all the more rewarding for Clontarf staff in the lead up to Easter.
Formerly residing Mogo, the plight of the three Beer lads and their family has touched the hearts of many this year as they tragically lost their home in the bushfires that projected the town onto the national stage at Christmas time.

Thankfully, they were one of the lucky families to be quickly re-housed in the coastal settlement of Rosedale South and, just like 2019, the boys had barely missed a day before it was recommended they don’t come into school three weeks ago.

For now, they along with thousands of academy members across Australia are staying connected with the Clontarf Foundation and their high schools through a series of methods including home visits from the staff.

While social media, email and the trusty old phone have proven successful for many, academy staff have taken advantage of the fact that some still rely on exercise books, workbooks and stationary to drop by and – while observing social distancing requirements – check in on the boys.

It has proven to be a welcome distraction for the boys and their families and the feedback from parents and carers has been very positive, with many grateful for the fact that they can now work with their young men to ensure continuation of their education.

With Easter just around the corner too, the Moruya academy staff were able to bring smiles to the faces of the families with some small treats for the boys to share at home.​