Priors Bus Service would like all schools, parents and carers to know that we are dedicated to the health, wellbeing and safety of all the school students that travel on our buses.

Now that all students are returning to school it is timely to provide information regarding social distancing on school buses. There are currently no physical distancing restrictions on dedicated school buses as NSW Health advice is that children are lower risk.

If a child is sick, they should not travel on the bus.


All students should be aware of best hygiene practices and rules around social distancing. Please talk to your students/children to ensure they are aware of their role in keeping everyone safe.

The row of seats directly behind the driver or adjacent to the driver are to be left vacant.

Where possible

School students should not sit directly next to, in front of or behind someone who is not a member of their household. However, school students will not be left behind and therefore may need to sit directly next to, in front of or behind another student.

Priors Bus Service have increased cleaning measures and will continue to monitor bus usage and load to support students travelling safely to and from school. The NSW Government policy is not to leave a school student behind, and therefore where social distancing is not possible, students are to stay as far apart as possible and practice good hygiene.

Some of our buses carry public passengers at the same time as school students are travelling to and from school. School students will be given priority, even if this means a service goes over physical distancing capacity.

In these instances, school students will be encouraged to sit together in the back of the bus and the public passengers will sit 1.5metres (or as close to this as possible) apart in the front of the bus. If the bus is too full, it is then at the driver’s discretion to ask the public passengers to wait for the next bus. School students take priority for travel at dedicated school pick up and drop off times.

Parents and carers should make travel choices which suit their individual circumstances, including driving, walking and cycling.

Priors Bus Service are continually monitoring school student numbers on all our buses and at times we may need to change students to other buses to spread the loads evenly. We will communicate changes to either the schools and/or parents or the students directly.

Please ensure that all students who catch a Priors Bus have a current 2020 Orange Bus Pass and their address and parent contact details are up to date so that we can contact parents if necessary.

For further information please visit

Please do not hesitate to contact Priors Bus Service on the details below.

Phone: (02) 4472 4040