Two conscientious students from Moruya High have been accepted into various universities before completing their HSC exams.

Ellie Taylor-Thompson has been recognised for her hard work, and was recently accepted into ANU with a Bachelor of International Relations for 3 years. She also completed the UNSW ‘Winter Gateway Program’, which has proved being helpful for English and legal studies, as well as the UOW support series.

Stephanie Lunn has been accepted into ANU with a Bachelor of science (Advanced) (Honours) as well as progressing to stage 3 of the Tuckwell Scholarship Application. She also participated in the UNSW ‘Winter Gateway Program’. She found their free online lectures extremely helpful and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their knowledge and marks. Stephanie also says that “the UOW support series and the University Preparation Program (UPP) were also very useful”.

The girls said that silver lining of COVID-19 has broadened the opportunity to access online resources, lectures, and study notes. Ellie Taylor-Thompson and Stephanie Lunn have demonstrated great perseverance, determination and resilience. Their success is an example of the broad opportunities for all students and the strong academic outcomes we achieve at Moruya High School.