mhslogocolour7webAppointments for parent teacher night can be booked via the parent portal found at and following the steps below. Parents of new students (including year 7) should have received a letter in the past week with instructions on how to access this portal. If you did not receive a letter, you may phone, email, or contact the school via Facebook to receive an access key.

Please leave a gap between appointments to allow for movement.


  1. step1 If you haven't created an account already, register a new account at Use an email address you use often to ensure you see any notices sent through the portal.

  2. step2 Log in to the portal at using the email address and password you used when you registered. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the forgot password link and follow the process to receive a new password.

  3.  step3The first time you log in to your account, you will be prompted to enter an access key so that your account can be linked to your child's information.

  4.  step3aCopy the access key from the letter sent to you into the welcome page. If you are unable to find your letter please contact the school.

  5. step4 After logging in, you will be taken to a dashboard where you can see each of your children and view the school bulletin.

  6. step5 At the top of the dashboard there are links to messages as well as school applications including our school calendar and a link to our newsletters.

  7. step6 If you click on an individual child, you will be taken to their dashboard. In here you will be able to see things such as your child's timetable and their attendance.

  8. step7 When there is an upcoming parent teacher night you will notice the dashboard has a yellow warning to inform you when it is on. You can click the link to make bookings with teachers for the evening.

  9. step8 To make a booking, simply click on select timeslot to the right hand of a subject. This will show you when timeslots are available for the teacher of that subject. This will reserve that time slot while you book timeslots for other subjects. Please leave a gap between appointments to allow for movement.

  10. step9 After you have finished booking all the timeslots you need to click on Confirm Appointments on the bottom right hand side of the page or your reservations will be removed so that others may book them.