At Moruya High School, we try to make sure all of the software we use is freely available and multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux). The only exceptoins to this are Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Cloud. However, all students within the NSW Public Education system are able to register at and download commercial software from Microsoft (Office and Windows) and Adobe (Creative Cloud) for free.

Below is a list of other software we use.

Software link
Commercial Software
Windows 10 
 Microsoft Office
Adobe Creative Cloud
Office and desktop publishing
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Scribus (Desktop Publishing)
Libre Office (free alternative to MS Office)
Audacity (sound recording and editing)
LMMS (Music sequencer)
Blender 3D (3d animation)
InkScape (2d vector drawing)
Irfanview (Image viewer)
Krita (2d paint and miage manipulation)
7-Zip (file compression/decompression)
Notepad++ (text editor)
Media Player
Subject specific  
Mindstorms NXT, EV3
Netbeans with SDK
Godot Game Engine