Senior Science Tutorials

These are times that are set aside for students to get help in these subjects. 

Senior science students are given regular revision questions (posted on EDMODO) to be completed as part of their study regime. These tutorials can be used to seek clarification on concepts or questions they are having difficulty with.

Chemistry  - Wednesday (day 3 and 8) during fourth period. This is held in D5.

Physics - Wednesday (day 3) during fifth period. This is held in L4.

Earth and Environmental Science - Wednesday (day 8) during second period. This is held in D5.

Biology - Wednesday (day 3 and 8) during second period. This is held in D5.

Agriculture - After school on Thursday (day 4 and 9). This is held in D7.

Senior Maths Tutorials

Free after school tutorials for Year 11 and 12 students continue this year. These are held on Monday AND Tuesday afternoons from 3:15 to 4:15 in D2.
Bring some maths and come along. This is a great opportunity to get assistance with homework or to prepare for tests!

Moodle Maths
As per the past 2 years, all senior students can access their maths courses on moodle via the school website.
This provides them with 24 hour access to important information and assistance for their assessment tasks and exams.
This year students from Years 7 to 10 will also have access to moodle.
Students need to check their course regularly.
Any problems, see Mrs Mason.

Learning Centre

The LC is open for all students for the purposes of study. It is available to year 11 and 12 students from 8:25am until 3:15pm daily. It is manned by a teacher during almost all timetabled periods. We have different teachers every day who have different subject specialties so that students can get teacher help if they need it:

Alistair Williams (Co-ordinator, Sciences)

Geoff Mason (Maths)

Howard Billing (Ancient History, Legal Studies, English)

James Northey (English)

Julia Lossano (Geography, Society and Culture)

In addition, the LC is running a mentoring program, targeting students with good attendance but who need some help getting organised to complete homework, assignments and study for assessments.

The learning centre is equipped with internet capable computers, a laser printer, work tables and tea and coffee making facilities.