You might have been wondering, who is behind all these crazy awesome stories?  Well, the secret is now out.   

Media Group is a well organised, sensational story club helping to keep you updated with the latest news across the school.  Mr Tester and Mr Northey are the masterminds behind these morning meetings.  Students ranging from year 7 to...

Former Moruya High School student Treigh Stewart, showed his worth with a 40m field goal for the Dragons in the Jersey Flegg Cup recently.

The quadrangle at Moruya High has a bright new pop of colour. Eight picnic tables, crafted by our talented year 12 students have been added to our quad for new seating options.

This brilliant idea was organised by our wonderful P&C who thought we needed more seating options.

When the P&C brought this to the attention of the school Mr...

We are so proud of Annabelle S and Madeleine W and their participation in the Plain English Speaking Award 2021. Both students presented engaging speeches and excelled with the impromptu task, representing our school with pride and integrity. Best of luck to Madeleine who is proceeding to the Regional Finals in May!

On ANZAC Day, Moruya High School honoured the fallen at services in our local area. Katrina T, Ava W, and Annabelle S spoke eloquently honouring the sacrifice made by the brave soldiers in service for our country.