In line with R U OK Day? on Thursday 9th September, the PDHPE faculty has decided to run some challenges based around asking the questions 'R U OK?'. There will be one challenge per day. You will need to complete the challenge by 7 PM each day and submit evidence of you completing the task to you PDHPE Google Classroom in order to go in the running for some prizes (one person, per year group, per day will receive a prize). There will be a major prize at the end of next week (10th September) for one person who has completed all the challenges to an outstanding level. To give you a head start of what equipment you will need for the challenges, please see the attached list!

For students requiring paper copies, work for weeks 9 and 10 is now available for pickup at the front office. Please contact the school on 02 4474 2155 if you are having any issues or require a laptop to help your child work from home.

Working from home is difficult so here are some hints to try and help things run a bit smoother.

  • Years 7 to Year 10 should spend a total of 3.5 hours on English, Mathematics, and other key learning areas plus time for other activities during their normal school hours ie
    English: 30-45 mins
    Mathematics: 30-45 mins
    Other Key Learning Areas: 90-120 mins. This includes HSIE, science, creative arts, languages, PDHPE, TAS and electives.
    Other activities: Wellbeing, sport, physical activity where social distancing allows.Follow your normal routines by supporting your child to eat breakfast, brush their teeth and get dressed in the morning.
  • Help your child set up a quiet space at a desk or table where they can work. If your child is using a computer, refer to the Learning environment checklist (
  • Prepare snacks and meals outside of school hours so you and your child can grab ready-made food. Encourage your child to drink water throughout the day.
  • Schedule in breaks for you and your child to grab a snack or do some stretches.
  • Encourage your child to take some time to be creative. Draw, bake or cook, play cards or a board game, or create a treasure hunt for a sibling.
  • Bookmark important pages like the Learning from Home hub ( where you’ll find learning resources and packages to use with your child.
  • Be flexible and work with your school during this challenging time. If you or your child are having trouble with a task, move onto something else.
  • If your child is young, don’t feel pressured to re-create a 6-hour school day.

Students in all years have also started having some online video lessons via teams so make sure they are checking in with their teachers and ask for help if needed.

Food science in action winner Jordan G with lemon curd & berry pavlova; runner up Amelia D with a vegetable frittata. Well done everyone!

Year 11 had to wear their favourite hat to the PDHPE games show. The game show tested students on their knowledge of the content they been taught throughout the year. Fair to say there are a few game show hosts in the making.