It’s been difficult for many of us to adjust with these massive changes, so our counsellors just wanted to let everyone know that what many of you are going through are pretty normal emotions. Some of you might still feel a bit confused, some might be a bit scared, some might be getting a bit stir crazy or feeling a bit isolated, and some might be...

We are right in the middle of National Science Week 2021 and this year the TAS teachers are as excited as the Science Faculty, with the 2021 theme 'Food: Different by Design'.

We’d like to thank all the parents and students for their effort to work with us during this difficult time. All students should have some work to do for every subject in Google Classroom. Staff will continue to update the classrooms with work and will communicate with students via this platform.

Please ask your students to remain in contact with their teachers using Google Classroom to reply to teacher messages, post questions, and upload their work. It is also suggested that students try to stick to either their normal timetable or a generic daily timetable ( ) - make sure your timetable includes wellbeing and physical activity breaks.

Most parents should have been invited to google classroom allowing parents to get a summary of their students’ work emailed to them daily or weekly. We recommend you get your students to show you’re their google classroom and look at the stream or the classwork tab at the page. You will need to do this for each subject.

Students can access Google Classroom from their student portal ( ) or going directly to ( ). Either way, they will log in with their student email address (eg ) and their departmental password. If your student is having trouble there are more detailed instructions at or if they have lost their password please contact the school to have it reset.

Thanks again for everyone’s understanding during this difficult time and don’t hesitate to contact the school as usual via phone on 02 4474 2155 or email at .

Learning from home has begun, and for Moruya High School students this will largely be done online via Google Classroom. If you require a printed version of the work or need a laptop for your child to access the work please contact the school via phone ( 02 4474 2155 ) or email ( ). Also feel free to contact us if your child needs a password reset or have technical issues.

If you have any concerns you can also contact our year advisors using the contact information above and they will get back to you as soon as possible. The current year advisors are:

Yr 7 – Nick Hartnett
Yr 8 – Duncan Norris
Yr 9 – Rima Bos
Yr 10 – Rachel Cootes
Yr 11 – Judy Ing
Yr 12 – Luke Roberts

Students can also get in touch with Christa our Student Support Officer for any reason - whether you want some support or just want to have a chat about what's good on Netflix, don't be shy about getting in touch.  You can email Christa at and she will get back to you with a time for a phone call or Zoom, depending on what suits them.

We’d thank all of our families for the support during this time and don’t hesitate contacting the school to discuss any additional needs for your child or family.

The Premier announced that stay-at-home restrictions would be introduced from 5pm Saturday 14 August 2021 until 12.01am Sunday 22 August 2021.

There will be minimal supervision on site at our school for those students who cannot be educated at home, for example if their parent or carer is an essential worker.

All students and families will be supported with learning from home materials ) and resources.

If you are working from home, and your child is able to be educated from home, please keep them at home.

We'd also like to remind you to download the NSW school updates app ) onto your phone, if you haven't already done so, to receive the latest updates about the operational status of your child's school.

I want to thank all of our families for your support during this time. Please get in touch with your teacher to discuss any additional needs for your child or family to support you to learn from home.

Thank you for your support.

Richard Schell