Students in year 11 PDHPE have been learning about first aid in their option of study. We will be looking at, planning and conducting appropriate management procedures in regards to first aid procedures as well as using safe procedures when moving a casualty.

What an experience for Tayla W! Tayla has been very fortunate to acquire a part time position working some afternoons at Moruya Veterinary Hospital, she was ecstatic in being able to assist with the delivery of seven little dacshund puppies. This could be the beginning of bigger and better things.

Although life is always filled with uncertainty, the levels we are currently experiencing are unprecedented and it is becoming evident that this is taking a toll on our young people.

This parachute experiment is always a popular one with the students. Mr Kelly’s year 10 class created parachutes and then released them over the balcony in D Block.

What if, rather than looking for the best teaching practices in textbooks and universities, we turned the lens on ourselves? This is the question our teachers asked themselves when they participated in Instructional Rounds last term.